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Ready to start competition? Choose Elite Dance Project!


When we compete, we go to SUCCEED! Our amazing, dedicated, passionate instructors are endlessly DEVOTED to the SUCCESS and GROWTH of ALL of our students!

At Elite Dance Project, we pride ourselves in offering the best technical training in the Lapeer area with the fiercest competition program.

We make competitive dance affordable and manageable for ALL families!


Elite Dance Project is home to an incredibly successful competition team. Joining a competition team is a great step in every dancer's journey. Elite Dance Project holds annual auditions for dancers who are ready to take this step. As a team, we travel to three required competitions throughout the winter and spring, as well as one out of state nationals in the summer. For our dancers who wish to participate in additional competitions, we offer the opportunity for them to attend additional optional competitions. We are passionate in our belief that competition dance is a positive learning experience and we want to make it a possibility for all families. Therefore, we offer three programs for families to choose from to fit all schedules and budgets. Following auditions, our staff will work very carefully to place students into groups, duets and trios based on their skill level and age. 


Introduction to competition is our least expensive and demanding competition program. This program requires students to attend one ballet class per week. In addition, they learn and compete with one group routine at each competition. 


Part-time competition requires students to attend ballet and one additional class of choice weekly. These students will participate in several group routines. These students are not eligible to audition for solos, duets or trios. 


Full-time competition students take each class offered for their age/level weekly. They compete in group routines and also have the opportunity to audition for solos, duets and/or trios.


Our studio is home to several regional titleholders. We have received countless first overalls and special awards at competitions across the country. We have achieved major accomplishments at both the regional and national level, such as earning the highest scoring routine of an entire competition, being recognized for our outstanding costuming, choreography and technique, and winning national competitions 10+ times!

We recently sent off two graduating seniors to continue their dance careers at the collegiate and professional level. Gabby and Rachel had trained at our studio throughout middle school and high school, and grew to be incredibly talented and successful dancers before our eyes. Rachel is pursuing a dance degree here in Michigan, and Gabby is pursuing a commercial dance degree on a scholarship in Los Angeles. We raise professionals and ensure our dancers are prepared to have a future in the dance industry when they graduate from our studio!

Some of our beautiful dancers are featured below!

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