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Weekly Classes: $50/month

Intro to Competition: $95/month

Part Time Competition: $125/month

Full Time Competition: $225/month

Registration Fee: $25/season

Tuition is due the first Friday of each month. The monthly tuition price is standard regardless of holidays or how many class dates fall within the month. A 10% late fee is applied to tuition collected late. Tuition can be paid on your online parent portal, or by leaving cash or a check sealed in a labeled envelope in our secure dropbox at our studio entrance.


To register for classes, please email Registration can be done completely virtually via email!

2023/24 Fall Schedule

September 5th 2023 - June 1st 2024

Preschool (ages 2-3.5)

Gymnastics - Wednesday 6:10-6:55

KinderDance (ages 4-5)

Wednesday 7-7:45

KinderDance is an exciting program for new dancers in Early Fives and Kindergarten! Dancers will be introduced to basics in jazz technique, with ballet technique and acrobatics incorporated into the curriculum. Dancers will explore movement using fun props including tumbling mats, scarves, dots, hoops and more interactive equipment to enhance their engagement and training.


Level 1 (Beginner/Intermediate)

Acro - Monday 4:30-5:15

Jazz - Monday 5:20-6:05

Hiphop - Monday 6:10-6:55

Ballet - Monday 7-7:45

Tap - Wednesday 5:20-6:05

Level 2 Classes (Intermediate/Advanced)

Acro - Monday 7-7:45 AND/OR Tuesday 6:05-6:50 AND/OR Wednesday 7-7:45

Jazz - Monday 4:30-5:15

Hiphop - Monday 5:20-6:05

Ballet - Monday 7-7:45 AND/OR Tuesday 4:30-6

Tap - Wednesday 5:20-6:05

Contemporary - Wednesday 6:10-6:55

Conditioning - Tuesday + Wednesday 7:45-8:15

Pointe - Tuesday 6:55-7:40

*All placements are based off of skill level and previous dance or gymnastics experience.

-Multiple acro classes are offered weekly due to the high enrollment of the class. Recreational students will choose ONE of the two class times. If you'd like to take both, it will be billed as two classes.

-Level 2 competitive students will take two ballet and acro classes weekly. Level 2  recreational students will choose one of the two class times. If a recreational student wishes to take both, it will be billed as two classes.

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